Foreign affairs

BRICS: a counter-cultural alliance with a “brick” for Putin

Whenever I am asked to describe the international entity known by the strange name of BRICS, I start with a different answer. I do not understand what formally (or, perhaps more importantly, informally) unites Brazil, […]

Foreign affairs

Ganges Valley. Geopolitical journeys of a Lithuanian

India’s paradoxes begin with a glance at a map. The country’s historical name is linked to the Indus River, which is, after all, the most important river not in India, but… Pakistan, is formally the […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Belotkach: Europe is repeating the same mistake again

“Europe has repeated the same mistakes it made 80 years ago when it brought up Hitler on its head. Now it has brought up another dictator”, Vladimir Belotkach said. Because of the war with Ukraine […]

President Nausėda and Minister of foreign affairs Landsbergis. Photo
Foreign affairs

The country has never seen such inconsistency before

Lithuania may be considering changing the name of the Taiwanese mission in Chinese to the Taiwanese Mission, the Reuters news agency reported. This is similar to the English version – The Taiwanese Representative Office in […]