Benas Hodgesas

Lt. Gen. Hodges to Lithuanians: you are not doing enough, but you are annoyed about German brigade

Lithuania is wasting a lot of time and energy complaining about Germany’s reluctance to deploy a full brigade in the country instead of taking responsible steps to strengthen defence and deterrence itself. For example, there […]

Mr Pål Jonson, Swedish Defence Minister. Photo Ruslanas Iržikevičius

Swedish Minister of Defence: Sweden eager to join NATO at upcoming Vilnius Summit

Swedish Minister of Defence, Pål Jonson, discusses Sweden’s readiness to join NATO and its close relationship with Finland, in an interview with the Lithuania Tribune. He addresses the state of affairs with Turkey over terrorism and speaks on Sweden’s defense industry, its adaptability in the changing Euro-Atlantic landscape, and its strategic importance in regional security and cooperation. Learn more about Sweden’s potential NATO membership and their efforts to enhance security in the region. […]


Let’s take off the rose-tinted glasses before the Vilnius NATO summit: we are vulnerable

Lithuania will host the NATO summit this summer, but many issues remain unresolved, with six months to go until mid-Summer. Vilnius will be hot, not only because of the summer and July weather but also […]

Central/Eastern Europe

NATO and Ukraine

Last week, a number of important geopolitical developments took place: Putin finally revealed that he was in total desperation and rushed to announce that he was annexing not only the occupied but also unoccupied, and […]

Lithuanian-Russian border
Central/Eastern Europe

Žalimas on sanctions against Kaliningrad: “I could see a certain lack of logic”

Dainius Žalimas, former President of the Constitutional Court, says he sees a lack of logic in the sanctions and a lack of courage and competence on the part of the country’s officials. According to him, […]