A salary is no longer enough: people are looking for extra jobs

Not everyone can live on their salary, so they are looking for extra jobs. Labour market experts say the popularity of additional jobs is growing but predict that their demand will increase even more in […]

Christmas bonus, still in Litas

Are Christmas and year-end bonuses a given in Europe?

How many employees receive a Christmas bonus (13th salary) and year-end bonuses? What is their average amount? Paylab took a detailed look at the standards and conventions in individual European countries where this international salary portal maintains a strong network of local salary portals, Paylab reported in a press release. […]

German falg

Lithuania is attractive investment location to German business

According to the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce (AHK) economic survey 2017, Lithuania is one of the best locations in Central and Eastern Europe. Companies in Lithuania want to invest more and expect they will need more staff. However, increasing wage costs are expected. The scores for the fight against corruption, transparency of procurement and the availability of skilled workers slightly dampen the positive mood, German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce informed in a press release. […]

A wallet

After making salaries public some employees took action

Most domestic workers are dissatisfied with their wages and while they’re searching for a new employer they’re interested in future salary. Since the start of this year the average wages in the companies are made […]

In a shopping centre

Consumer prices on a rise. More to come

In January consumer prices increased by 0.3% compared with December and were 2.3% higher than a year ago. […]