Capitalica Green Logistics Centre (3)

Capitalica Green Logistics Fund raises EUR 17 million in its first year of operation

The Capitalica Green Logistics Fund by SBA Group’s investment management company Capitalica Asset Management raised EUR 17 million from private investors in 2021 and actively negotiated new acquisitions in the Baltic States. The Fund’s total […]

'Best wishes!” in front of the Presidential palace (Photo by Lukas BARBIER)

The festive and creative winter decorations of Vilnius in 2021

Lithuania is probably one of the most well-hidden treasures of Europe at all times of the year. However, Vilnius during the month of December is filled with outstanding sightings and will strike even the most […]


Experts assess whether ministers will change in 2022: only one can feel safe

The government ship, tossed to and fro by various crises, is sailing into 2022 with the same crew it left port with. Not a single member has changed in the first year of Ingrida Šimonytė’s […]