Help imprisoned Belarusian journalists!

Over the past month, the Belarusian regime has been brutally persecuting the free and independent press. The editorial office for has been shut down, the founder of the channel Nexta, Roman Protasevich, has been arrested.

Currently, the following journalists are imprisoned in Belarus:

  • Katerina Bakhvalova, Belsat
  • Daria Chultsova, Belsat
  • Pyotr Slutsky, Press-Club
  • Kseniya Luckina, Belarus2
  • Andrei Alyaksandrau, journalist
  • Denis Ivashin, InformNapalm
  • Andrei Pochobut, journalist
  • Marina Zolotova,
  • Olga Loyko,
  • Elena Tolkacheva,
  • Irina Rybalko,
  • Ihar Losik, journalist, blogger
  • Pavel Mozheiko, journalist
  • Roman Protasevich, Беларусь головного мозга (Formerly Nexta)
Can we help in any way?

Strong legal defence, representing the arrested at the highest level, the opportunity to consult with international law experts – this is the only civilised way to defend the arrested and hope that they can be freed through judicial means.

We have spoken to Roman’s relatives. Help is needed urgently.

In cooperation with BY HELP and Human Rights House, we are initiating a legal assistance to persecuted, arrested and imprisoned journalists initiative and invite everyone to contribute.

Who if not we, when if not today.

Bank transfer details:


Company code: 300577300

Bank account: LT847300010127486614

Bank: Swedbank


Payment purpose: Freedom first 2021

PayPal account:

Once again Just as in August, we are also now complying with the highest standards of transparency.

  • Donations only via bank transfer.
  • Strict financial accountability.
  • All collected funds are transferred to BY HELP.

The least you can do is share this news.

Roman and everyone else – hang on there!

NB: Freedom First, Go Belarus collected 238,000 euro support last year in support of Belarusians suffering from violence. These funds were transferred to the fund By Help, which has been operating since 2017 and assistance was provided to more than 250 persons, transferring from 222 euro to 11,000 euro to cover medical expenses.

Renewed information about the imprisoned journalists can be found on

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