Alexander Lukashenko
Foreign affairs

The fight against the Lukashenko regime takes an unexpected turn

The strategy to stop illegal migration from Belarus has taken a turn that was unexpected for Lithuanian politicians: outgoing German Chancellor Merkel spoke to Belarusian dictator Lukashenko on the phone to discuss the situation on […]

Belarus President A. Lukashenko and Russian President V. Putin
Central/Eastern Europe

Will the sanction clouds darken Belarus’ skies and two potential scenarios

If sanctions could help replace the political regimes in Russia and Belarus, I would approve even their most severe variants, Mečys Laurinkus wrote in Unfortunately, the sanction cascades against Russia have thus far ended […]

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko
Central/Eastern Europe

Laurinkus. Poorly thought out steps could accelerate Belarus’ descent into Russia’s grasp

Secretly, Alexander Lukashenko’s inauguration became the reference point for the next events in Belarus. The opposition was unable to find out the date for the “ceremony” ahead of time. Protesters planned to meet the “ascent […]

Protests in Minsk

MEPs to Belarusian military: defend your people, not citizen Lukashenko

Members of the European Parliament call for the Belarusian military to defend the Belarusian people, rather than blindly following and executing Lukashenko’s illegal orders–inherently attacking them. Some 25 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from […]

Alexander Lukashenko
Central/Eastern Europe

Andrius Kubilius. Belarus: what next?

What has happened so far? Lukashenko lost the elections. He continues to try to remain in power by deploying the brutal and inhumane power of OMON and the military, pogroms and torture. By holding Sviatlana […]