Lithuania’s Linkevičius hopes German border controls won’t trigger Schengen collapse

The minister suggested that Berlin might have to revise its policies of opening doors to all refugees.

“I would never wish or expect any chain reactions, especially since it is based on emotions. In this case, this is about the flows that are not under control,” the minister told journalists at the government on Monday.


“Germany had given a sort of an invitation – we can say this and use this word – to come to Germany, so that all of the refugees were heard, however, the results now require revising the invitation,” Linkevičius added.

On Sunday, Germany decided to resume control of its borders, thus admitting its incapacity to handle the record flow of refugees.


In Linkevičius’ words, collapse of the Schengen zone without control of internal borders would be an extremity that needs to be avoided.

“The existing challenges need to be addressed with utmost seriousness, especially the reasons, and something that we created cannot be destroyed – the Schengen is one of the things,” said the minister.


Under the Schengen rules, temporary border control is allowed for “public peace and internal security” reasons.

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