Lithuania’s representative to observe Savchenko trial in Russia

Nadiya Savchenko

A representative of Lithuania’s Embassy in Russia will attend the trial of the Ukrainian pilot in Donetsk, Rostov Oblast on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Representative of the embassies of other EU member states in Russia also plan to observe the trial.

The Savchenko issue will also on Tuesday be raised in New York during a discussion on women’s rights, held by the UN Council of Women World Leaders. During the meeting, being organized by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė, chairing the council, Savchenko’s sister Vira will read out her sister’s letter.

Savchenko, an army pilot who was fighting in eastern Ukraine, was taken prisoner by separatists in Luhansk in June, 2014 and was later taken to Russia. Russia claims she crossed the Russian border without any ID, pretending to be a refugee, and was detained in a settlement for document check. Savchenko, however, says she was kidnapped from the territory of Ukraine.

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