NATO jets took off from Lithuania twice last week to accompany Russian planes

Oro pajėgų transporto lėktuvas C-130 „Hercules“
DELFI (M.Bajarūno nuotr.)

On May 18, NATO fighter jets identified and escorted an An-72 Russian transport aircraft which had not pre-filed a flight plan, was using its onboard transponder and maintained radio communications with air traffic control centre.

On May 21, NATO fighters jets intercepted an IL-76 Russian military aircraft flying in accordance to a pre-filed flight plan, maintained radio communication with air traffic control centre, and used its onboard transponder, and two TU-22 bombers of the Russian Federation which were flying with switched off onboard transponders, did not pre-filed flight plan in advance, and did maintain radio communication with air traffic control centre.


Norway and Italy are not in charge of NATO’s Baltic air policing mission in Lithuania, with the mission performed by British troops in Estonia and Belgian troops in Poland.

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