Russian military planes continue circling Baltic airspace

According to the Lithuanian Air Force’s surveillance data, the group of aircraft could have included transport aircraft and bombers. Russian military aircraft were intercepted by the fighter-jets of the neighbouring countries. Fighters conducting the NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission were not scrambled.

The patrol vessel “Žemaitis” (P11) of the Lithuanian Navy was dispatched to monitor the situation and returned to Klaipėda Seaport on December 7.

On 7 December, NATO fighter-jets were scrambled three times. The following aircraft intercepted over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea:

Four TU-95 strategic bombers and two TU-22 strategic bomber of the Air Force of the Russian Federation (pre-filed flights plans, onboard transponders switched off, no response to NATO fighters-jets’ pilots).

Three TU-134 transport aircraft of the Russian Air Force flying from Mainland Russia towards Kaliningrad and back intercepted two times (pre-filed flights plans, onboard transponders switched off).

One military transport aircraft AN-72 (pre-flight plan, onboard transponder switched-off) and one military transport aircraft AN-26 (pre-filed flight plan, onboard transponder switched on).

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