Russia’s policies in Syria irresponsible, Lithuanian president’s adviser says


“The reports about stationing of its (Russian) military positions in Syria are indeed alarming, as when there is a conflict, moving military forces to a war zone is not an example of responsible policies,” adviser Renaldas Vaisbrodas told the Žinių Radijas news radio on Tuesday.

“In this phase we can only regret absence of the international community’s unified stance on settlement of the conflict,” he added.


The United States has reported that Russia sent artillery systems and seven tanks to a Syrian Air Force base. Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights maintains that Russia is building a military airport in the Syrian regime’s stronghold of Latakia and has sent in hundreds of technical staff and military advisers.

Russia, in its turn, says it is bringing humanitarian aid to Syria.


Moscow supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who currently controls about one fifth of the Syrian territory. Meanwhile Western governments want him to step down.

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