Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Russia’s ambition in central Europe exceeds its capability

Russia has actively worked to boost its leverage in Central Europe over the past few years, and the crisis in Ukraine has only heightened the Kremlin’s interest in the region. Russia aims to use commercial and political ties to undermine Western institutions and to steer Central Europe toward Russian interests. […]

Antano Gedrimo nuotr.

Czech Republic joins NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence in Vilnius

On 3 February, director of the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence (NATO ENSEC COE) Colonel Gintautas Bagdonas and deputy director-general of the Office for Foreign Relations and Information of the Czech Republic Jan Padourek signed a voluntary national contribution arrangement which will serve as a basis for the Czech Republic to join the NATO ENSEC COE, the Ministry of National Defence informs. […]

Central European countries' flags in Kaunas

V4 divergences: symptom of a deeper crisis in Europe?

The spread of the Ukrainian crisis has aroused strong reactions of the USA and the European Union against Russian interference in Ukrainian politics. Russia is a strategic market for Europe and the close trades and financial links have pushed the European Union in the direction of a more moderate and careful response, at first. Because of the stalemate in the dialogue between Moscow and Kiev and the threat of a Russian military intervention in Ukraine, the EU has aligned its plan sanctions against Russia with the USA one, between July and September. […]

Ministry of Healthcare

Lithuanian Healthcare Ministry asks for additional funding to deal with Ebola

Lithuania’s Ministry of Healthcare has asked for 490,000 litas (over EUR 140,000) in additional funding to prepare for the treatment of patients with Ebola, if the virus reaches Lithuania. […]