Lithuanian government backs dual citizenship referendum, but suggests different wording

The Government of Lithuania on Wednesday backed an initiative by a group of lawmakers to call a referendum on dual citizenship alongside general elections next year. But the Cabinet also suggests a different formulation for the question to be put for the vote. […]

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Lithuania might be getting to something big: dual citizenship e-referendum

Russia’s Vladimir Putin may have just done favour for Lithuania with his sardonic remark on “fewer Lithuanians” during his recent visit to Kaliningrad – even parties that had bristled against the idea of a referendum on allowing dual citizenship, might be embracing it amid the sabre-rattling from the East. Moreover, politicians might be getting cozy with another outlandish idea: get the folks say “yes” or “no” through e-voting. […]

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New leader of Lithuanian World Community cautions against hasty referendum on dual citizenship

Dalia Henke from Germany, who has been elected the new board chairman of the Lithuanian World Community, believes Lithuania should not rush to hold a referendum on dual citizenship, pointing to a lack of agreement on the issue among political parties. […]

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Historian Nikžentaitis: Singing Lithuania’s national anthem across the globe is good basis for establishing dual citizenship

Lithuania knows the exact day when it became part of Europe. That was on 6 July 1253, when Duke Mindaugas, shortly after having accepted baptism, was crowned by the Pope of Rome the king of still largely pagan lands. The 6 of July is now celebrated as Lithuania’s Statehood Day and although its a holiday of recent vintage (it was not observed before the 1990s), it already involves a tradition. Each 6 July, Lithuanians in the country and abroad join in the singing of the national anthem. […]

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Lithuanians of New York expect referendum on dual citizenship

Legalization of dual citizenship by way of referendum would allow Lithuanians living in the US to preserve their connections with Lithuania, and the fears of Russia may be dispelled by specifying countries subject to dual citizenship, says Lithuanian lawyer Marius Griskonis residing in New York. […]


Lithuanian liberals initiating binding referendum on dual citizenship

The Liberal Movement political group of the Lithuanian Seimas proposed holding a binding referendum on dual citizenship alongside general elections next October. […]