Lithuania losing position as key re-exporter to East

Lithuania‘s status as a key transit country for re-exporting goods from West to East has started to wane significantly, with re-exports down by 10% in 2015 alone. […]


Lithuanian Vodka builds bridges to China with Baijiu

Lithuanian company Stumbras has started producing a high end version of the traditional Chinese drink, baijiu, which is massively popular in China. […]


Lithuania now biggest EU exporter to Belarus

Lithuania is the fourth biggest direct exporter to the Belarusian market and the leader among EU countries, according to the latest figures. […]


Poland becoming as unpredictable as Russia, economist says

Poland is now as unpredictable as Russia, says Swedbank chief economist Nerijus Mačiulis, adding that recent developments in Poland, which has become the second-largest export market for Lithuanian goods, may have negative repercussions for Lithuania. […]