NATO lėktuvai perėmė Rusijos bombonešius

NATO fighter jets take off 4 times over Baltic states last week

Between 9 February and 16 February, NATO air policing fighter aircraft patrolling the Baltic airspace were scrambled four times to intercept aircraft flying along the route between Mainland Russia and the Kaliningrad Oblast in international airspace near the borders of the Baltic states, Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defence said. […]

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NATO fighters took off 21 times last week to intercept Russian aircraft at Baltic states’ borders

On 8-14 December, NATO air policing fighters protecting Baltic airspace took off 21 times to intercept Russian aircraft flying at the Baltic states’ borders, Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defence said. […]

Lithuanian-Russian border

Russian customs officers instructed to put Lithuanian vehicles under extra scrutiny

Russian customs officers have been instructed to thoroughly check vehicles from Lithuania, the Lithuanian national road carriers association Linava said on Tuesday. […]

Darius Kuolys

Why Donelaitis’ Metai is on par with Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey

The Lithuanian epic poem Seasons (Metai) is a canonic masterpiece of early Lithuanian literature written by Kristijonas Donelaitis around 1765–1775 in the Prussian village of Tolminkiemis. In Metai, rebellious Donelaitis depicted indigenous Lithuanian serfs subjected to mistreatment at the hands of German colonizers. […]