Central/Eastern Europe

Laurinkus. Will the Western security architecture ensure Ukraine’s final victory over Russia?

Morally, psychologically, Ukraine has won the war against Russia. But, physically, I do not have a clear opinion on how it will be Mečys Laurinkus writes in lrytas.lt. The moral victory is based on resistance […]

Alexander Lukashenko
Foreign affairs

Lithuania must prepare for the most unexpected decisions and diversionary terrorist attacks from Lukashenko

The current influx of migrants, purposefully directed from Belarus into Lithuania, is dangerous, not due to poor experience in handling based on international regulations a widespread around the world matter but because of a potentially […]

Russian foreign affairs ministry
Foreign affairs

Laurinkus. After Borrell’s visit to Russia – conspiracy theory about the game of thrones in the EP and the Kremlin

The European Union’s head of diplomacy, Mr. Borrell, whom the Kremlin’s propagandists call “Uncle Joseph”, suffered double humiliation during and after his official visit to Russia: one in Moscow and the other at the European […]

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko
Central/Eastern Europe

Laurinkus. Poorly thought out steps could accelerate Belarus’ descent into Russia’s grasp

Secretly, Alexander Lukashenko’s inauguration became the reference point for the next events in Belarus. The opposition was unable to find out the date for the “ceremony” ahead of time. Protesters planned to meet the “ascent […]

Mečys Laurinkus

Revolutions always have their own heroes and martyrs

Journalist V. Savukynas arranged a discussion on “Aktualijų Studija” regarding the reaction, mainly on social networks, to the organised June 5th youth protest against racism in support of the like-minded in the now out-of-virus feverish […]