A.Bisaria, M.J.Akbar. Photo © Ludo Segers

Lithuanian business set to explore India

India welcomes Lithuanian companies to explore its markets, said India‘s Minister of State (MOS) for External Affairs, Mr M.J. Akbar, in a meeting with business leaders of Lithuania. The exchange took place at the prestigious Confederation of Lithuanian Industry, in Vilnius on 26 May. The Confederation, which comprises 3,000 companies engaged in over 50 sectors, is headed by Mr Robertas Dargis, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. Lithuanian business is looking for new markets beyond Europe. […]

Robertas Dargis

Lithuania needs changes but stability important for business after eletions – Dargis

Lithuania needs changes in areas, such as education, however, the important thing for business is that the parties triumphant in parliamentary elections do not undertake unpredictable decisions or radical changes of laws linked with economy, says Robertas Dargis, the president of the Lithuanian Industrialists Confederation. […]

Skvernelis during the last TV debate on LRT

ELECTIONS. Analysis. Social policy debate – another victory for the “Peasants”

The “Peasants” (LVŽS) are celebrating their second consecutive debate victory, shows a survey of experts done by LRT.lt after the social policy debate. The “Peasant’s” performance was once again voted as the best, however the lead over the Conservatives (TS-LKD) who were left in second place is only one point. Furthermore most experts agree that G. Landsbergis’ (TS-LKD) closing statement was the strongest, while S. Skvernelis’ (LVŽS) speech was decent, but reading off a paper made for a bad image. […]

Robertas Dargis

Creativity rather than money at heart of 21st Century business success – Dargis

Creativity is at the heart of business success in the 21st Century era of smart technology rather than money. according to the president of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists Robertas Dargis who was speaking at […]


Businessman pushes for multi-cultural multi-million citizen Vilnius

Vilnius has the potential to become a multi-cultural multi-million citizen city that can compete on the world stage, according to businessman Robertas Dargis. […]

Robertas Dargis, head of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK)

Advice to Lithuanian exporters: Forget China, concentrate on Chinese region or city

Robertas Dargis, head of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK), is convinced that cooperation among producers is one of the keys to open vast foreign markets to Lithuanian goods. […]