Central/Eastern Europe

The Russian Liberal Bias

Do not expect grassroots change to happen in Russia. A popular phrase spoken only half-jokingly by the residents of Moscow goes like this, “Moscow ends, and Russia begins at the Sadovoye Koltso”. Sadovoye Koltso, or […]

Russian flag

A countermeasure for one of Lithuania’s regions against Russian propaganda evaluated

After noting the slower pace of vaccination in East and South-East Lithuania, talks resurfaced of establishing a special TV broadcaster in Polish and Russian in order counteract Kremlin propaganda During a Žinių Radijas show, […]


Loyalties and opinions of Lithuania’s ethnic minorities

Russia would defend the rights of its nationals and Russian speakers everywhere, including abroad. Such are the menacing notions emanating from the Kremlin for some time now. Meanwhile what would the ethnic Russians of Lithuania do if Russian tanks and “green men” rolled into Lithuania? […]

Images from the Dutch referendum on Ukraine

Opinion: How the Kremlin infiltrated an EU referendum in the Netherlands

The student leaders of 1968 could probably not have imagined how their democratic ideas would be high-jacked by a combination of extremists and opponents of democracy exploiting technological progress and social media. Nobody understands the dangers of technology and social media better than dictators and demagogues. […]