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The Russian Liberal Bias

Do not expect grassroots change to happen in Russia. A popular phrase spoken only half-jokingly by the residents of Moscow goes like this, “Moscow ends, and Russia begins at the Sadovoye Koltso”. Sadovoye Koltso, or […]

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Central/Eastern Europe

Open letter from European journalists, media associations to Russian journalists, who are engaged in war propaganda

You, the employees of the Russian media, are clearly and directly responsible for one more war started by Putin’s regime. For many years you ignored an important postulate of journalism – verification of information. Instead, […]

Skydas group at the March 11 march in Vilnius 2016 DELFI @ Domantas Pipas

New extreme right-wingers banding together in Lithuania: Kremlin’ hand suspected

Having so far remained underground, a Lithuanian radical fascist group is emerging into public view. People are being urged to awaken fascism in themselves and destroy democracy in the country’s major cities. Intelligence services are […]


School children from war-torn Luhansk visit Lithuania

Nineteen school children are visiting Lithuania from the Luhansk region of Ukraine on Wednesday and will receive a range of educational training. […]

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European Union

Dutch referendum rejects EU partnership with Ukraine

A referendum vote in the Netherlands on whether or not the country should support an EU partnership deal with Ukraine that would lower trade barriers on Wednesday indicated that many of the country’s people would be against the agreement. […]