Gintautas Paluckas

Paluckas admits having received requests from “Farmers”

Social Democrat Party leader Gintautas Paluckas admitted to the news portal that he received a number of requests from various “Farmers” to join the Social Democrats prior to the coming Seimas elections. Agnė Širinskienė […]

Letters on the stones

Unsolved for decades, the question of surname spelling is stuck in Seimas

The decades-long debate over the spelling of names and surnames in identification documents in Latin letters seems to have no end. When it already seemed that parliament had made progress toward permission to use Latin […]


Now everybody can see that the current parliamentary work will produce no grain, only chaff

Maybe the offer of Viktoras Pranckietis and a few traditional liberals to start considering early elections is not that bad, Mečys Laurinkus wrote in The idea that Parliamentary elections should be held in spring […]

Ramūnas Karbauskis

Others already dividing up Farmers party property

The European Parliament elections and the first round of presidential elections will be held this Sunday. However, we can already notice one of the main, if not the main result of the three election, municipal, […]