Lithuania to crack down on illegal tour guides

This summer, the Tourism Department will be accompanied by police officers to identify whether Lithuania’s tour guides are working legally. […]

On set of the BBC's War and Peace

War and Peace tourist trail launches in Vilnius

A new War and Peace tourist trail will be launched in Vilnius today taking tourists on a tour of where the BBC’s War and Peace series was filmed in Lithuania’s capital. […]


Lithuania sets eyes on Japanese and American tourists

Lithuania expects to see the rapid growth of its tourism sector continue well into 2016. With a Lithuanian delegation travelling to the US later this month to promote the country, the award from the UNTWO for the Treetop Walking Path in Anykšciai, and the buzz that the Kaunas-set Japanese WWII film Persona Non Grata has created, Lithuania’s tourism sector is finding its way into the spotlights all over the world. […]

The treetop walkway in Anykščiai

Lithuanians enjoying their own country more often

It is estimated that Lithuanian domestic tourism this year has increased significantly compared to last year. Both the most popular tourist attraction points and new or refurbished leisure facilities received increased domestic attention. It is believed that tourism could become even more active within the country if certain regions had greater opportunities to compete by providing exceptional entertainment. […]

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10 gastronomic projects compete for title of best in Lithuanian cuisine

What is the best Lithuanian cuisine can offer – beer brewed according to the old tradition, traditional tree cake (lit. šakotis) or traditional seacoast fish soup? It will become clear in mid-November, when the best Lithuanian gastronomic project will be announced. […]


Lithuanian travel agency stripped of licence

On Monday, by order of the head of Lithuania’s State Tourism Department (VTD), a tour operator’s certificate of the travel agency Voyage-Voyage was revoked. […]