US to head one of NATO battalions in Baltics and Poland

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter

“US has decided to be one of the framework nations,” Carter told journalists in Brussels but refused to specify the country where the US would found the military unit.

The information has also been withheld by the defence ministers of Germany and Great Britain who have said that two of the four battalions would be set up from their troops.


As the Alliance is searching for the fourth country to head the new unit, Jordan Owens, spokeswoman for the Canadian minister of defense, told BNS that Canada was “actively considering options to effectively contribute to NATO’s strengthened defense and deterrence posture”.

Each of the four battalions in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland will consist of 500-1,000 troops. The battalions are being set up as a deterrence measure in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine and its increased military activity in the Baltic Sea region.

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