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M. Laurinavičius: Revolut is involved with the Kremlin from beginning to end

A month ago, Lithuania was the first country in Europe to grant a specialised banking license to the company Revolut, which caused member of Seimas Stasys Jakeliūnas suspicions. The MP contacted the Financial Crime Investigation Service (FNTT) and State Security Department (VSD), asking them to check the financial company’s business model and links to Russian politicians, writes. […]

Vitas Vasiliauskas

Vitas Vasiliauskas: the matter of income inequality will become only more acute next year

The cabinet’s tax and public sector policy is not contributing to resolving income inequality issues, Bank of Lithuania board chairman Vitas Vasiliauskas says. […]

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte
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Netherlands recruits Baltic States to compensate for effects of Brexit

The Netherlands is building new coalitions within the EU to compensate for the loss of the UK as the union’s main free trade champion, and has found partners in the Baltic States. At the same time, a domestic policy issue involving gas supplies and the Dutch stance on Russia have the potential to put what has been dubbed the New Hanseatic League to the test Dario Cavegn writes in the ERR News. […]


What do experts think is behind rising prices in Lithuania?

Growing consumer prices have irked many in Lithuania a year and a half after the country switched to the euro. While the prime minister has blamed it on retailer mark-ups, economists point to other reasons. […]


Shipment of euro banknotes arrives in Vilnius

On 19 November, a shipment of euro banknotes arrived in Vilnius International Airport. From there, the euro banknotes, with a police escort, were safely delivered to the Bank of Lithuania‘s vaults, the country’s central bank said. […]


Open letter to anti-Greek Eastern European bloc

Economist Dr.Zoltan Pogatsa believes that the Eurozone states of the former Eastern bloc have been duped by the major powers into firmly opposing Greece. They are being led to believe that Athens is damaging to their economies. It’s all a deception, the Hungarian professional of political economy argues, as Eastern Eurozone members’ money never actually went to Greece, but to Brussels, in order to support the euro. […]

Vitor Constancio
European Union

ECB vice-president: Greek ‘No’ vote would weaken chances for financial assistance deal

A “No” vote in Greece‘s referendum on Sunday would weaken chances for Athens to reach an agreement with its creditors, Vitor Constancio, vice-president of the European Central Bank, said in Vilnius on Friday. […]