Lithuanian media decide to turn off comments on articles about COVID-19 vaccination

Members of the Internet Media Association (IŽA) in Lithuania decided to disable commenting option on their articles about COVID-19 vaccination. The step is taken in order to boost the vaccination rate in the country. The […]


Support local news media by purchasing adverts for your business

The coronavirus has brought in a great deal of uncertainty into most aspects of everyday life and particularly in specific business segments. The ones to suffer most are businesses, which are closely related to interactions […]

Speaker Ludo Segers addressing some of the fake news issues Photo © Ghc van der Lingen

Dealing with real and fake news in the age of ubiquitous media

Media can be a veritable minefield these days and the European Business Network invited its members and business breakfast guests to learn a little about talking to and consuming the media. The speaker, Ludo Segers, gave a fascinating presentation about the state of affairs and offered some valuable insights into “what to do when you become the news”. […]

Tomer Sofinzon, Founder of the Pillar Project, at a panel discussion, by Mantas Bartaševičius

Tomer Sofinzon: Blockchain will change the way we live

Blockchain technology is going to change the world and potentially could have as big effect on our lives as birth of the Internet. Still, since it is relatively unknown, the perception of it is that this technology has been created to serve only the cryptocurrencies, let’s mention the Bitcoin. The Lithuania Tribune spoke with Tomer Sofinzon, the founder of the Pillar Project and member of the 2030 project, about the technology and how Blockchain is going to change our lives. […]

Press kiosk

Lithuanian media avoid criticizing bodies they get publicity funds from

Media organizations often avoid reporting negatively about authorities and institutions from which they receive publicity funds or report positively about them, a study by the Lithuanian office of Transparency International has revealed. […]