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Changes in management requirements for state-owned enterprises

The Lithuanian government has approved changes to the management requirements of state-owned companies in order to optimize the use of public funds. State-owned companies will no longer be required to submit 3, 9 and 12-month […]


Makers of Boxer infantry vehicles looking for subcontractors in Lithuania

The makers of Boxer infantry fighting vehicles are interested in cooperation with Lithuanian business in producing and maintaining the IFVs that would be sold to the Lithuanian army. […]

Minister of Economy Evaldas Gustas

Startup investment fund planned by Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy is planning a potential investment fund that would provide seed capital and co-investments to newly formed small and micro businesses, or startups. The measure being considered to form the fund would also help develop the alternative First North market, a stock exchange geared towards smaller companies in the Nordic region, by preparing those companies to enter the regulated securities market. […]

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Lithuania to offer €10m to foreign investors for research

Lithuania’s Ministry of Economy to distribute €10 million from EU funds to foreign companies willing to invest in research in the country. […]

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Google marketing manager: Business must understand how technology changes customer expectations

Marketing manager at Google Regimantas Urbanas says that internet enables direct service sharing; customers can get the necessary service from other customers. In this sense technology coerces businesses to improve, make creative decisions and communicate with their customers personally. Urbanas shared his insights on changes of customer‘s and entrepreneur’s behaviour in Vilnius Innovation Forum ‘Innovation Drift’ last week. […]

Nicklas Bergman

Innovation investor Nicklas Bergman: ‘Curiosity drives human development’

Futurist Nicklas Bergman has been investing in new technology for over 20 years. He cooperates closely with Washington-based think tank Tech Cast and Lund University. Mr. Bergman will talk about future technology in Vilnius Innovation Forum 2015, organised by the Ministry of Economy of Lithuania and the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology. The expert will discuss the changing relationship between the society and technology and its importance to our lives. […]


Supervision of Lithuania’s tourism sector insufficient, auditors say

Implementing the Public Audit Programme of 2015, National Audit Office of Lithuania has already conducted one third of the financial (regularity) audits and prepared their reports. The report of the audit of the Ministry of Economy has been presented to the public – how Ministry as well as institutions under the Ministry performed the delegated functions and used the funds allocated for the implementation of various programmes during 2014, the Office reports. […]

World Lithuanian Economic Forum
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World Lithuanian Economic Forum invites to discuss business and science in Israel

The Lithuanian and Israeli businesspeople, diaspora members and people interested in fostering relations with Lithuania will meet for the seventh time this October in the World Lithuanian Economic Forum. […]