How To Pick The Perfect Laptop For Your Needs

Laptops are powerful and versatile electronic devices that can be used for different purposes. They have become more compact and portable, fitting the on-the-go lifestyle of a new generation of computer users. People want to […]


Covid-19. May 04

Even several hundred children were admitted to hospitals in Vilnius and Kaunas due to Covid-19. Most are mildly infected, but some have severe disease. According to the head of the infectious diseases department of the […]

Slot Machines. John Schnobrich. Unsplash

Things You Need To Know Before Gambling Online

Whether or not you are the conventional gambler who was forced to switch to online gambling (because of Covid, obviously) or you never tried any kind of gambling previously, before beginning gambling online there is […]


Sexual pleasures without protection may quickly turn into medical appointments

Humans cannot live without physical touch. While some of us are fully content with holding hands, getting and giving hugs or kissing, others are longing for something less platonic, namely, passion. Sex should not be […]


Lithuania Still Leading Europe in Fibre Adoption

According to statistics from survey service Buddecomm, Lithuania still takes the leading place for fibre adoption within Europe. Sitting at a subscriber rate of 74.6% compared to the next-best Sweden with 68.9%, Lithuania finds itself […]