Lithuanian foreign minister hopes for additional EU sanctions on Russia

Linas Linkevičius

“I hope we will manage to reach agreement on additional sanctions,” the minister told Vilnius journalists on Friday.

Linkevičius said Lithuania’s stance is that the sanctions that envisage a ban on entry into the EU and freezing of properties should be extended to the new leaders of the Russia-basked separatists and some other persons in Russia, however, refused to elaborate on the proposal.

EU foreign ministers should address the issues in Brussels on Monday.

In the minister’s words, new economic sanctions are not discussed but Lithuania believes they are “not depleted.”

Linkevičius says the situation in Eastern Ukraine is currently worsening, with more obscurity and indetermination brought by the elections organized by the separatists, which the Western world has dismissed as invalid.

“The key to solution is in Moscow […]. we do not see any actual efforts to sincerely contribute to the deescalation,” said the Lithuanian diplomacy chief.

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