Lithuanian MEP: Russia has intensified harassment of Baltic states

Valentinas Mazuronis
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

“In spite of the efforts of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the European Union and the US, in spite of the fragile ceasefire that saves lives of thousands of people, the fight for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, for the right of its citizens to choose freely and live as they please is still going on and is not likely to end in the nearest future,” Mazuronis said in his address to the EP plenary session in Strasbourg.

“Vladimir Putin and his entourage, besotted by imperialist ambitions, with no mercy for the lives of their own citizens and those of Ukraine, continue this war and do not conceal any more that the Russian army is involved in the conflict. Russia has intensified the harassment of the Baltic states camouflaged by the imaginary protection of the rights of Russian-speaking minorities.

“Our unity and consensus to stop selling military equipment, including carrier-borne aircraft, to impose economic sanctions and to defend ourselves unanimously against Russian economic and energy-based blackmail are of the utmost importance in this situation.

“I am talking about Russia’s attempts to reduce gas supply and to ban food exports from EU member states. We need to understand and to help European farmers that suffer the biggest losses. I am talking about Lithuania and all other member states whose farmers need such help.

“Dear colleagues, please understand that only by our joint efforts, unanimity and firm defense of our values, such as citizens’ freedom to live as they wish, can we make the aggressor realize that in the 21st century the rules are set by the free will of the people, not dictators.”

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