Lithuanian president’s office: Russia sanctions to stay in place until Minsk agreements are implemented

The chief advisor told the radio Žinių Radijas that the EU has unambiguously agreed at the highest level that sanctions against Russia were related to the full implementation of Minsk accords.

According to Vaisvrodas, the conflict in eastern Ukraine cannot be called a “frozen conflict” because Minsk agreements are not being followed – the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) cannot check if weaponry is being drawn away from the front line, elections in the occupied territories have not taken place and Ukraine cannot control a large part of its state border with Russia.


The presidential advisor says even though particular attention now is now being devoted to the fight against terrorism in Syria, yet the international community has not forgotten Ukraine’s issues and the West will continue supporting Ukraine.

“The responsibility of the international community has not changed, the European Union in this aspect maintains a united standpoint, demanding from Russia and Russian-backed separatists to necessarily follow the implementation of Minsk agreements,” said Vaisbrodas.

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