Vilnius' Christmas Tree on the Town Hall Sq

Space at Town Hall Sq brimming with Christmas secrets

This year, Christmas in Vilnius is impressive indeed. We can boast a Christmas tree recognised the most beautiful one in Europe, plenty of festive events under the Christmas in the Capital 2017 Programme and even two Christmas Towns operating in the main squares of the city. Bustling with the season’s excitement and full of lovely goods, the Christmas Towns attract numerous visitors during Advent transforming Vilnius into a genuine Christmas Capital, the Vilnius’ Culture Center writes in a press release! […]

Post Card Scenery Christmas  Photo © Ludo Segers

A Vilnius Christmas Mood

Earlier this week a light snow dusting provided a little extra touch that we all associate with Christmas. It provided the right seasonal background for a picture perfect Christmas photos. It was last week that we got the official start to the Christmas season in Vilnius. […]

Christmas in Rukla Refugee Centre

IOM Vilnius and Santa visited Rukla refugee reception centre

200 asylum applicants have been relocated and resettled to Lithuania from Greece and Turkey in 2016. Since it is their first Christmas in Lithuania, International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Vilnius together with Rukla refugee reception centre organized an initiative to share the Christmas spirit with them, IOM announced in a press release. […]


17th annual Epiphany procession made way through frozen Vilnius

The annual Epiphany procession that made its way through Vilnius on Thursday was watched by passers-by and people who had come out especially for the occasion alike. With this procession the end of the Christmas festivities was celebrated. […]

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Foreign affairs

Surprisingly musical Christmas wishes from the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius

The Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius sent out an unusual and musical Christmas greeting this year. When the recipients received an email from the embassy they were invited to click on a picture of the entire embassy staff in Christmas hats. The email then led them to the festive video in which the staff bellow out ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ in Swedish, English and Lithuanian. […]

Children selling sweets to raise funds for an animal charity

Christmas spirit in Vilnius: Children give up their presents for animal charity

A group of third graders from Vilnius have pledged to give up their Christmas presents this year in support of an animal shelter. The class of 19 children from Žiburio elementary school decided in unison that they would not only give up their presents, but would also sell homemade sweets at Cathedral Square to raise money. […]

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Vilnius and Kaunas light Christmas trees

Lithuania’s two biggest cities, Vilnius and Kaunas, inaugurated their Christmas trees on weekend, each hoping to be recognized as the most beautiful in the country. […]