Lessons from Denmark – how Lithuania can generate support from allies to deter Russia

As the Baltic States try to convince NATO allies that Russia represents a real threat to security in Europe, a retired Danish general said that his country was in a very similar situation during the Cold War as a nation on the borderline between West and East. […]


Lithuania’s corruption levels ‘closer to Mozambique than Denmark’

Lithuania’s corruption levels are more similar to a Soviet state than an EU country, because the extent of bribery in Lithuania is still a major problem, according to Sergėjus Muravjovas, the head of the Transparency International bureau in Lithuania. […]

Danes looking for partners in Lithuania for defence projects

Representatives of the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association FAD and seven companies with experience in defence projects in NATO states have visited Lithuania. The representatives have met with heads of the Lithuanian Defence and Security Industry Association and with the representatives of association members to whom the Danes presented their activities and latest achievements in defence and security industry. […]

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, Dan E. Frederiksen, and President Dalia Grybauskaitė
Foreign affairs

Lithuanian president welcomes new ambassador of Denmark

President Dalia Grybauskaitė last Friday accepted letters of credence from the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, Dan E. Frederiksen. During their meeting, the President and the Ambassador discussed cooperation between Lithuania and Denmark in the fields of security and economy, as well as bilateral and international relations. Migration and refugee relocation, which are matters of importance to the European Union, were also addressed. […]

Projektas „Because it's Panevežys, dude“

Danish robotics company looking into setting up excellence centre in Panevėžys

On 15 July, John Erland Østergaard, the founder and director of the Danish company Blue Ocean Robotics, and Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev, partner in the company’s Lithuanian subsidiary, paid their third visit to Panevėžys. During their previous visits the businessmen visited the robotics laboratory of the Panevėžys Faculty of Kaunas University of Technology, Panevėžys Mechatronics Centre, and introduced their company to the city’s mayor and other politicians. […]

Parodė nuskendusio lėktuvo nuotrauką

Opinion: An-2 secrets better left untold?

One month after a small Lithuanian aircraft, An-2, crashed into the Baltic Sea on 16 May, the public still knows very little about what happened and why. If officials in charge of the investigation know more, they keep it to themselves. […]