Edward Lucas

Unpacking the history of the Baltic “Forest Brothers”

War is never two dimensional. Edward Lucas considers one chapter of anti-Soviet resistance, on the website of the Center for European Policy Analysis. […]

Andrius Tapinas

Tapinas evaluated impact of Forest Brothers campaign on Facebook

“This move is just a small detail, but it displayed that when the time comes we can mobilise over ten thousand people. After all one of the lines of Russian propaganda is that Lithuanians, if […]

No Picture

Partisan documents found hidden in magazine of gun in northern Lithuania

Former members of Lithuania’s anti-Soviet resistance movement have found documents from the Šatrija partisan territorial unit in the Telšiai district in northwestern Lithuania, LNK Television reported on Monday. […]

Filmmakers, Jonas Ohman and Vincas Sruoginis.  Photo Ludo Segers
Global LT

13 January commemoration – The Invisible Front in Washington

On Tuesday, 13 January, the Lithuanian community and a large number of American guests commemorated in Washington’s University Club the day in 1991 when the Soviet army attempted to overthrow Lithuania’s legitimate government in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The attendants paid tribute to the 14 people killed and the over one thousand unarmed Lithuanian civilians injured when the Soviet army and Special Forces attempted to overtake the Vilnius TV Tower and the Lithuanian parliament – the Seimas. […]

Juozas Lukša-Daumantas ir Kazimieras Pyplys-Audronis (pirmoje eilėje priklaupę) prieš žygį į Vakarus atsisveikina su Tauro apygardos partizanais. 1947 m. gruodžio 16 d. (Genocido aukų muziejaus nuotr.)

Lithuania thanks “forest brothers” 70 years after start of anti-Soviet guerilla war

As Lithuania marks 70 years since the start of the guerilla war this summer, new initiatives are emerging in the country to pay tribute to the legacy of the “brothers of the forest”, as anti-Soviet partisans were known, which has inspired many Lithuanians from artists to soldiers. […]