Lithuanian company refuses services to Israeli citizens due to Gaza events

The State Consumer Rights Protection Authority of Lithuania forwarded a claim received from a foreign national to the Lithuanian Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson. […]


Opinion: Dread, confusion and loathing in Palestine

For a past week, to talk about the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian relations objectively became quite a self-indulging activity. The debate itself is toxic, since, according to the opposing camps, any affection to the Palestinian cause turns one into an anti-Semitic, terrorist-loving, revanchist bastard, whereas backing Israel means support to genocidal, child-killing, quasi-religious nationalist regime. […]

Faina Kukliansky

Lithuanian Jewish community leader: I don’t feel that much anti-Semitism around

Recent research carried out by the Anti-Defamation League shows that 36 percent of Lithuanian adults hold anti-Semitic views. The results are worse than in Latvia or Estonia. Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Jewish community Faina Kukliansky claims she was very surprised by these results. […]