Giedrė Švedienė

Systematic changes needed in public investment in Lithuania, national audit reveals

Financial (regularity) audits for the year 2013 carried out by the National Audit Office assessed whether decisions in particular public investment areas are always implemented at the lowest cost and meet the needs of the society, the audit office reports. […]


Lithuanian soldier returns home after mission in Kosovo

A Lithuanian officer returned home on Tuesday after a three-month deployment with NATO‘s Kosovo Force (KFOR). […]


Armed Forces granted public procurement exemptions to acquire infantry fighting vehicles

The Lithuanian Government has authorised the Armed Forces to apply public procurement exemptions to acquire infantry fighting vehicles. […]


Would 2 percent GDP protect Lithuania from Russian aggression?

Some experts call the current tensions between Russia and the West the new Cold War. Meanwhile, NATO countries, especially the ones that are on the outskirts of the Alliance, are concerned about the lack of funding for defence. Would two per cent of the GDP, in the face of Russian aggression, be enough to repel the fully armed eastern neighbour, should the need arise? […]