The first Iraqi refugee family arrived in Lithuania last December

Migrant family case against Lithuania will help clarify refugee rules, say experts

The lawsuit against the Lithuanian state by a migrant family from Iraq who arrived in Lithuania last December under the European Union‘s refugee resettlement programme will help clarify refugee handling procedures, according to legal experts. […]

Refugees in Rotterdam

Opinion: Let’s learn from others’ mistakes on refugee integration

“We’re taking 1,105 refugees only and no more. We’ll house them in closed off areas and then ask them to leave. That’s how Lithuania will resist the EU ‘Diktat’, defend its sovereignty and avoid the trouble plaguing Europe”. That’s the talk of certain politicians who have remained silent about the fact that, in recent years, the number of foreigners has risen sharply without a single refugee having been accepted and with immigration challenges still to be faced. […]

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Lithuanian parliament passes law on refugee resettlement

The Lithuanian parliament passed legislation on Thursday that clears up regulations of refugee resettlement in the country. […]

Ministry of Interior

Lithuania’s Interior Ministry considers setting up migration division

Lithuania’s Ministry of the Interior is considering establishing a special division to coordinate inter-institutional activity in the area of migration, Interior Minister Saulius Skvernelis said on Tuesday. […]

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Russia’s population drain of the century

A week ago, President of Russia Vladimir Putin took on the issue of emigration in Lithuania, wildly exaggerating the drain it has had on the country’s population. What he chose to ignore was that the problem is even more pronounced in his own country: people are fleeing Russia in higher numbers than ever before. Lithuania is one of the destination of their choice. […]

Aivaras Abromavičius

Ukraine’s minister Abromavičius may lose Lithuanian citizenship after all

Ukraine‘s Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavičius may lose his Lithuanian citizenship, as Lithuania’s laws do not provide for an exception for emigrants of Lithuanian origin. […]