Daiva Gineikaitė

National Land Service chief on unpaid leave after allegations of drunk driving

Daiva Gineikaitė, head of the National Land Service (NZT) under the Ministry of Agriculture, has been temporarily placed on unpaid leave pending the results of an investigation into whether or not she was driving under the influence of alcohol when she caused a traffic accident in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city. The decision was made after her meeting with Agriculture Minister Virginija Baltraitienė on Monday. […]

Klaipėda University

PM says Lithuania must enhance its maritime sector

Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius is visiting Klaipėda on Monday. He says that Klaipėda University and companies located at the seaside must cooperate and contribute to the development of Lithuania’s maritime sector. […]

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Murmansk court orders additional evaluation of detained Lithuanian ship’s catch

A court in the Russian city of Murmansk has ordered additional evaluation of the catch of the detained Lithuanian fishing vessel, the Jūros Vilkas (Sea Wolf), and is due to announce its decision in an administrative case on a violation of the country’s fishing rules next week. […]

Ministry of Agriculture

Lithuanian Agriculture Ministry introduces ritual slaughter methods

Specialists, meat processors, representatives of Muslim and Jewish religious groups discussed additional laws needed for the implementation of the law on ritual slaughter of animals that was recently passed by the Lithuanian parliament. […]

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Foreign affairs

Lithuania and Russia exchange diplomatic notes over detained fishing vessel

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania on Monday sent a diplomatic note to the Russian Embassy in Lithuania, protesting against illegal actions of Russian officials when detaining the fishing vessel Jūros Vilkas (Sea Wolf) which was sailing under the flag of Lithuania in international waters in the Barents Sea, its forced towing to the Port of Murmansk, as well as the illegal detention of its crew. […]