Central/Eastern Europe

NATO and Ukraine

Last week, a number of important geopolitical developments took place: Putin finally revealed that he was in total desperation and rushed to announce that he was annexing not only the occupied but also unoccupied, and […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Solution to Kaliningrad transit proposed: Lithuania must try to lift the burden as soon as possible – maybe even unilaterally

When the European Commission presented guidelines allowing limited rail transit of sanctioned goods between Russia and the Kaliningrad region, Lithuania reluctantly accepted them. It did so mainly because of the desire of its main allies, […]

Kyiv, summer 2022. Andreas Umland
Central/Eastern Europe

Why You May Want to Go to Ukraine Now

As the situation in Western and Central Ukraine has for now stabilized, a trip to Kyiv can provide those interested in international affairs with a unique opportunity to observe world history in the making. Back […]

Rasa Juknevičienė MEP

NATO Secretary General: “Ukraine’s defeat would put us all at risk and make Europe more vulnerable to Russian aggression”

In discussion with NATO Secretary General (SG) Jens Stoltenberg at the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE) on 13 July in Brussels, SEDE Vice-Chair Rasa Juknevičienė congratulated NATO on the historic decisions taken […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Eerik-Niils Kross: Putin does not see Baltic states as a part of the Russian world

The Lithuania Tribune would like to present you with an interview with an Estonian Member of Parliament Eerik-Niils Kross, on Russian aggression against Ukraine, Russia’s past and present, the future of the war and the […]