The Red Army in Vilnius, 1939

Russia paying financial compensation? A fata morgana

The issue re-appeared rather unexpectedly. On 5 November, after a meeting in Riga, the Justice Ministers of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania released a statement, in which they peremptorily declared that their countries had been occupied by and had been “exploited for political and economic needs” by the Soviet Union. The “enormous demographic and socio-economic losses”, caused by “the totalitarian communist occupation regime of the USSR.” should be “calculated in a scientifically-justified manner”, they said. The final step would be that they would “claim legally and factually justified compensation from the Russian Federation”. […]

Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas. 1947 m. vasara (LGGRTC Genocido aukų muziejaus fondų nuotr.)

Former Soviet security officer sent to jail over 1956 operation on guerrilla leader

A Kaunas court on Thursday found former Soviet security officer Stanislovas Drelingas guilty of genocide and sentenced him to five years in prison for participating in a 1956 operation to detain Lithuanian guerrilla leader Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas. […]