Alma Vaitkunskienė

Vilnius mayor says to push for administration director’s dismissal

Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius says that he cannot imagine himself working with Alma Vaitkunskienė, who on Wednesday survived a vote on her dismissal from the post of municipal administration director, and plans to repeatedly propose that the city council sack her. […]


Vilnius searching for sellers of 150 new buses

After a few months of postponement, the Vilnius city administration has announced a tender to buy 150 new city buses at a maximum value of 40.5 million euros. […]


Vilnius to turn heat back on in face of unexpected chilly weather

On Friday, the Vilnius municipal government will turn the central heating system back on. The municipal government claims that this is being done due to requests from residents as well as unseasonable weather forecasts. […]


Nationalist rally on independence day attracts 1,000

About 1,000 people took part in a controversial rally organized by the Union of National Youth in central Vilnius, chanting slogans “Lithuania for Lithuanians”. The event was held on March 11, when Lithuania celebrated the 26th anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union. […]