Augustinas Normantas

Seimas Ombudsman calls Parliament to avoid initiatives limiting independence of national broadcaster

The Seimas Ombudsman has called the Parliament to avoid any initiatives limiting the independence of the national broadcaster. The Seimas Ombudsman, Augustinas Normantas, has urged the Parliament to avoid the initiatives that would have a political and/or economic influence on the public broadcaster, thus violating the provisions of Article 10 of the ECtHR. Without assessing the specific proposals of the Seimas temporary investigation commission, formulated in Project No. XIIIP-2656, the Seimas Ombudsmen’s Office as a national human rights institution advocates the protection of the independence of the national broadcaster. […]

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Foreign affairs

Beniušis. CIA prison case: how long will the government continue its ostrich policy?

In December 2014 Barack Obama‘s administration warned Lithuania about a forthcoming US Senate report on secret CIA prisons. […]

March for women's rights
Foreign affairs

Head of women’s crisis centre in Vilnius calls on Seimas to ratify Istanbul Convention

The head of Vilnius Women’s House, a non-governmental organization running a crisis centre for women, has called on the Lithuanian parliament to ratify the so-called Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, saying that it would help fight sexual harassment. […]

Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

Lithuania should strengthen the protection of women, children and disable

“While considerable progress has been achieved in protecting human rights in recent years, the Lithuanian authorities still have to address some remaining shortcomings, in particular as regards the protection of women, children and persons with disabilities” said Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, in a report released today based on a visit to the country carried out in December 2016, the Council of Europe reported in a press release. […]

Ukrainian flag

About friends and allies

If during The Rīga Conference 2015 we began witnessing Kremlin’s adventure in Syria, today we observe casualties and the number deaths of this escapade. During the last 12 months, the world has beheld terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, aggression of Russian football fans during Euro-2016 in France, and bombings in Aleppo. The Crimea remains occupied and the Russian aggression against Ukraine is still ongoing. […]

The Red Army in Vilnius, 1939

Russia paying financial compensation? A fata morgana

The issue re-appeared rather unexpectedly. On 5 November, after a meeting in Riga, the Justice Ministers of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania released a statement, in which they peremptorily declared that their countries had been occupied by and had been “exploited for political and economic needs” by the Soviet Union. The “enormous demographic and socio-economic losses”, caused by “the totalitarian communist occupation regime of the USSR.” should be “calculated in a scientifically-justified manner”, they said. The final step would be that they would “claim legally and factually justified compensation from the Russian Federation”. […]


Reforms needed to put Georgia on European track

Bringing Georgia closer to European but also Atlantic institutional structures continued to be one of Lithuania’s most important foreign policy objectives this year. Despite Russia’s creeping occupation efforts over the summer and the ramping up of its massive anti-Western propaganda machine, the small South Caucasus country is still firmly resolved to follow the Euro-Atlantic course. […]

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Foreign affairs

Lithuania signs Council of Europe’s convention against money laundering

The Ambassador of Lithuania to the Council of Europe, Laima Jurevičienė, and the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, have signed the Council of Europe’s Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime and on the Financing of Terrorism. […]