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Foreign affairs

Six Lithuanian MPs denied Belarusian visas

Six Lithuanian parliamentarians have not been issued visas to travel to Belarus for an opposition event in Minsk on Monday. […]

Skvernelis and Karbauskis

Rising Peasant and Greens Union launch candidates

The Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union led by entrepreneur Ramūnas Karbauskis has announced some of their leading candidates for single-member constituencies. Public opinion and market research company‘s Vilmorus polling data from April shows that 11.1% […]

World War One

Opinion: The First World War, tragedy and legacy

This summer, though full of fresh war fears, it will be time to commemorate the beginning of the First World War and people are remembering the conflict in different ways. Some are erecting monument for terrorist (or is it freedom fighter?) Gavrilo Princip in a still deeply-divided Bosnia, some are visiting war memorials, some are reviewing the statistics of casualties and destruction. […]