NATO karo lėktuvai

Biggest activity of Russian warplanes reported above Baltic Sea last week

NATO fighter-jets serving in the Baltic air-policing mission were last week scrambled six times from Lithuania over Russian warplanes flying above the Baltic Sea. […]

During the Zapad 2013 training

Lithuanian intelligence warns over provocations during Russia-Betarus war games

Lithuania’s intelligence on Monday warned about possible provocations held in conjunction with the RussiaBelarus war games to take place close to Lithuania’s borders in September, adding that the training scenario includes an armed conflict with NATO. […]

NATO fighter-jets

NATO jets scrambled twice last week over Russian warplanes

NATO air-policing jets were last week scrambled from Lithuania twice to identify and intercept Russian warplanes flying above the Baltic Sea. […]

No Picture

Finland, Sweden pushed closer to NATO by Russian pressure

Every year, Estonia holds special military exercises called Spring Storm. The exercises are for those conscript soldiers who have just completed their term of service. This is their graduation event. […]