Ramūnas Bogdanas

R. Bogdanas. Klaipėda and aggression on the Kerch straits

To sit down with the US president and split the world – this is V. Putin’s great dream. A 20 minute long talk was to be held between the two leaders in Buenos Aires during a G-20 meeting and after – two hour negotiations including delegations. All that remains of this is one question that D. Trump posed to V. Putin as he was walking. This question was not about Syria, not about intermediate distance rockets. It was about the attack on Ukrainians on Kerch straits. […]


Brussels preparing for talks with Russia on Baltic power systems

The European Commission is getting ready to start consultations with Russia over the switching of the Baltic states’ power networks off the post-Soviet system and their synchronization with that of western Europe. […]

Arvydas Juozaitis

Arvydas Juozaitis. Emmanuel Macron’s “Napoleonism”

The era of pompous propaganda is quickly nearing its end. Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that Europe can no longer rely on the USA and he will thus seek to create a new European […]

Dalia Grybauskaitė, Donald Trump
Foreign affairs

Lithuanian president backs Trump on Nord Stream, defense spending

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė says that she agrees with US President Donald Trump‘s criticism of Germany over the Nord Stream pipeline expansion and insufficient defense spending. […]

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte
European Union

Netherlands recruits Baltic States to compensate for effects of Brexit

The Netherlands is building new coalitions within the EU to compensate for the loss of the UK as the union’s main free trade champion, and has found partners in the Baltic States. At the same time, a domestic policy issue involving gas supplies and the Dutch stance on Russia have the potential to put what has been dubbed the New Hanseatic League to the test Dario Cavegn writes in the ERR News. […]

Manfred Weber
European Union

Leading German MEP calls on Lithuania to choose Europe in disputes with US

Manfred Weber, leader of the European Parliament‘s largest political group, says that Lithuania should choose Europe amid recent tensions between the European Union and the United States. […]