Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe PACE
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PACE: Russia was not confused for too long

What was surprising was not the return of Russia’s delegation to the hall of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe or PACE, but the near double number of votes in favour. Among them, […]

Ramūnas Bogdanas

R. Bogdanas. Klaipėda and aggression on the Kerch straits

To sit down with the US president and split the world – this is V. Putin’s great dream. A 20 minute long talk was to be held between the two leaders in Buenos Aires during a G-20 meeting and after – two hour negotiations including delegations. All that remains of this is one question that D. Trump posed to V. Putin as he was walking. This question was not about Syria, not about intermediate distance rockets. It was about the attack on Ukrainians on Kerch straits. […]

Angela Merkel
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Merkel, in Vilnius, vows to keep sanctions on Russia, but defends Nord Stream (Updated)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Vilnius on Friday that the European Union would maintain its sanctions against Russia until progress had been made in implementing the Minsk agreement on resolving the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. […]

Nordstream 2
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When we buy Russian gas, we buy them arms, Yushchenko says in Vilnius

When buying Russian gas and implementing joint energy projects with Russia, Europe funds its armament, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko told an international conference in Vilnius on Wednesday. […]


Lithuanian initiative: Western strategy towards Russia

Towards a Pro-European Russia and a Marshall Plan for Russia (after Putin) Lithuania is situated next to a complicated neighbourhood. Russia has been and will remain, for many years to come, the biggest threat to […]