Arvydas Juozaitis

Philosopher Juozaitis mulls running for Lithuanian president

Arvydas Juozaitis, a Lithuanian philosopher and one of the initiators of the Lithuanian reform movement Sąjūdis, is mulling running for president. […]

Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius

Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius. The age of a confident Lithuania begins after the centenary celebrations

I particularly enjoy the day after the celebration when the bustling crowds have dispersed, flags that have yet to be taken off continue to fly in the wind, the homeless, sparrows and cats take their […]

KGB archives

Lithuania starting publishing reports of KGB agents

The Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Center (LGGRTC) is starting publishing agency reports by agents of the Soviet special service KGB. […]

January 1991