Alexander Udaltsov, Russian Ambassador

Russian ambassador fails to convince Šiauliai not to remove Soviet monument

Russia’s ambassador to Lithuania has failed to convince the local government of Šiauliai to leave a Soviet-era monument on the city’s central square. […]

Eglė Bučelytė on 13 January, 1991

Journalist recalls the moment when Soviet troops stormed TV studio on January 13, 1991

On the evening of 13 January 1991, journalist Eglė Bučelytė was broadcasting from the Lithuanian Radio and Television studio in Vilnius when Soviet paratroopers broke into the building to cut off her live broadcast. With the approach of that significant day’s 25th anniversary, Bučelytė spoke to Delfi about her experiences. […]

Potsdam Conference

Opinion: Potsdam Conference and Russia’s crooked-mirror politics in Kaliningrad

Most of the time history can’t be put to bed even though agreements to end wars have been concluded, victors have drawn new boundary lines, promises made, but they soon get either forgotten or swept under the rug, as if they weren’t there. The story of the northern part of former East Prussia (now known as the Kaliningrad exclave) is a good example of a conveniently ignored agreement made at the 1945 Potsdam conference to resolve the fate of the territory at a later peace treaty with Germany. […]

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Survivor of Nazi and Soviet repressions: I fear again when I see fascination with cruelty

Juliana Zarchi, the daughter of a German mother and a Jewish father, who survived Nazi and Soviet repressions in Lithuania, says her fears are rekindled again as she sees re-emerging fascination with cruelty, despite horrible lessons of the twentieth century. […]

Alexander Zaldostanov

Russian bikers’ flirtation with Kremlin politics sparks protest from Lithuanian fellows

Global politics is undermining the international solidarity of the biker community. Lithuanian bikers have declared they do not want to see members of the Russian motorcycle club Night Wolves MC, including its leader Alexander Zaldostanov, in their country, because the Russians have trampled on a central principle of the biker movement – stay away from politics. […]

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January 1991 case expected to reach Lithuanian court this summer

Twenty-four years after the attempted coup of 13 January 1991, parties in the case are studying the materials of the exclusive Lithuanian investigation that concluded in the end of last year. […]