Central/Eastern Europe

Entering the second year of the Russian invasion at the same crossroads

This is a story for an indefinite period, and its outcome is entirely uncertain. So the most important thing is not to overreact, Vytautas Bruveris writing on lrytas.lt news portal. This is how one can […]

Foreign affairs

Vytautas Bruveris. The brave Lithuanians started calling for help

Before you raise your sword, make sure that your back is covered. Did our government really do all this homework before going to war with China Vytautas Bruveris writes in lrytas.lt? Last week, China went […]

Heiko Maas, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany. © mass.heiko Instagram account
European Union

Heiko Maas: Where were you when the Berlin Wall came down?

Heiko Maas, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany All of us in Europe who experienced 9 November 1989 can answer this question. When East and West Germans embraced each other with tears of joy 30 years ago, this […]

New York

Lithuania wants to move culture attache to US from Washington to New York

Lithuania’s Culture Ministry wants the country’s culture attache to reside in New York instead from the current location of Washington D.C. […]