Speaker Ludo Segers addressing some of the fake news issues Photo © Ghc van der Lingen

Dealing with real and fake news in the age of ubiquitous media

Media can be a veritable minefield these days and the European Business Network invited its members and business breakfast guests to learn a little about talking to and consuming the media. The speaker, Ludo Segers, gave a fascinating presentation about the state of affairs and offered some valuable insights into “what to do when you become the news”. […]

A Vilnius Winter Sonata  Photo © Ludo Segers  @ The LIthuania Tribune

Ludo Segers to feature Lithuania in photo exhibition in Brussels

On 5 April, an exhibition will open in Brussels with a selection of photos by Ludo Segers, a regular contributor of The Lithuania Tribune. The exhibition, entitled “A Place, A Time, A Reason?” will feature images photographed in Lithuania and during Ludo’s travels around the world.

Observers describe Ludo’s photography as a cross between narrative documentary and fine art, noting a high level of awareness that is required in photojournalism punctuated with magical moments captured in between assignments. Some of those exquisite instants will be on display in Gallery 74 in Brussels. […]

Chicago's 'Cloud', gathering place for annual Lithuanian National Anthem singing  Photo Ludo Segers
Global LT

Chicago’s Consulate General moving to new premises in Lithuanian diaspora capital

Sitting on the southern shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is an important transport, financial and cultural hub. It hosts world-class universities, world-class museums and a famous opera and music scene that make for a fascinating and vibrant place to live and work. The city had to reinvent itself several times, never more dramatically as after the great fire in 1871. Chicago is also known as the centre of the Lithuanian community in the United States. […]

Lithuanian Ambassador Pavillionis Photo Ludo Segers
Foreign affairs

Ambassador Pavilionis’ plea for US energy support

Lithuanian Ambassador Žygimantas Pavilionis used a farewell speech at Energy Allies, one of the US energy associations, to review the long struggle of Lithuania to gain energy independence. The ambassador who is returning soon to Lithuania after five years of diplomatic service in Washington, DC, evaluated current energy policy trends and their impact on global politics in front of an audience of company representatives, energy lobbyists, diplomats, politicians and Congress cabinet staff. He urged for more US energy exports to re-balance the current geo-political situation. […]

EU VP for the Digital Single Market, Andrus Ansip speaking in Washington, DC   Photo Ludo Segers
European Union

EU’s Ansip takes the Digital Single Market to Washington

The EU’s Vice President in charge of the Digital Single Market, Andrus Ansip presented on Thursday his proposals to Washington’s influential Brookings Institute. During a press conference on Friday the pragmatic Mr. Ansip provided some more insights as to how the EU and its 28 membership states faces the complexities of a fast changing internet and how they plan reducing existing regulations and harmonize the EU into one single, large economic block. […]

David Pivoriunas fiddling Lithuanian folk tunes  Photo Ludo Segers
Global LT

Open House at the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington

For years now, the Embassies of the EU member states in Washington DC open their doors on the second Saturday of May. This event on Europe Day is a chance for Americans of the Capital region to experience Europe. It is a bit like being able to visit Europe for less than $ 5 a day. […]

Artūras Skučas. Photo Ludo Segers
Global LT

Artūras Skučas’ art and poetry presented in Washington

Artūras Skučas is a man with many talents. His photographic art and poetry brought him to Washington, DC, on a summery evening. He probably remains best known for his role in the Sąjūdis movement, set up to liberate Lithuania from the Soviet oppression. He also organized the Savanoriai (a militia made up of volunteers). That militia was set, in 1990, to protect the Seimas (parliament) and its leader, Professor Vytautas Landsbergis. […]

Enthusiastic APPLE educators  Photo Ludo Segers
Global LT

APPLE’s contribution to Lithuania’s education system feted in Washington

On Friday, the Lithuanian Ambassador to the United States, Žygimantas Pavilionis, hosted a large group of teachers who played an important role in education during the last 25 years that followed Lithuania regaining independence. Aimed to contribute to a then fledging Lithuanian educational system, APPLE was set up as an organisation in 1990 by American teachers, many with strong ties to Lithuania. Many of the teachers attending the 25th anniversary travelled from distant parts of the USA and even Canada to celebrate the success of this unique venture. […]

Cherry Blossoms at Tidal Bassin with the Washington Monument   Photo Ludo Segers
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Cherry Blossom Princesses visit Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, DC

It is a rare event to have 50 princesses visit the Lithuanian Embassy all at once, but the annual Cherry Blossom is a magical event in Washington DC. Although Japan is the natural home for the annual cherry blossom festivals, Washington, DC with thousands of trees, mostly donated by Japan, comes a close second. Every year, since 1948 there is also a State Society organised Cherry Blossom Princess contest. The princesses are the highlight of the Cherry Blossom Festival, this weekend, in the capital’s centre and a major event in the US Capitol building. […]