Electricity consumers in western Lithuania to test NordBalt link

In late November, 24,000 Lithuanian consumers will receive electricity from Sweden for the first time. During a half an hour special test when the Lithuanian electricity system operator Litgrid is planning to verify the NordBalt black-start feature, the residents in Klaipėda and Šilutė districts will be provided with electricity from a single source – the Lithuanian and Swedish interconnector NordBalt, Litgrid reports. […]


70th Anniversary of Lithuanian power system

Exactly 70 years ago in October, 1945, the Lithuanian power system was put into operation. The operation of generators at the Kaunas and Vilnius power plants was synchronized after a power line connecting the power plants had been installed, and the balance between power generation and consumption was maintained by the central system control centre. […]

Nordbalt cable

NordBalt to provide more energy security for 6m people in Baltics

Two months remain until the completion of the biggest joint Swedish and Lithuanian project NordBalt. In December the electricity produced in Scandinavia will be transmitted directly to Lithuania for the first time in history. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden along with the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė evaluated the NordBalt implementation progress while visiting the construction site of the NordBalt high voltage direct current (HVDC) converter station in Klaipėda. […]

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Elektrėnai Power Plant ups production due to electricity price hike

Combined cycle unit of Elektrėnai Power Plant increased electricity generation due to significant price hike in the Nord Pool Spot power market. Thursday afternoon the unit was generating electricity at 420 MW capacity, thus ensuring the security of electricity supply. For comparison, almost the whole time since mid-April the unit was operating at the minimum capacity of around 235 MW. […]


Baltic and Nordic countries will jointly develop electricity regulating market

Baltic states electricity system administrators Elering, Augstsprieguma tikls, Litgrid and Finnish main grid administrators Fingrid signed an agreement on developing the Baltic-Nordic balance or regulating market, Postimees Online reports. […]

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Electricity cheaper throughout Baltic Sea region in March

In March the electricity price was the lowest since the Nord Pool Spot have been launched in Lithuania in 2012. The average electricity price in the Lithuanian bidding area was 32 EUR/MWh. The demand of electricity fell by 8 percent due to warmer weather and lengthening daylight. Compared to March last year, the price decreased by 23 percent in the Lithuanian market, the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid reports. […]