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Lithuania abstains in Palestine’s statehood vote at UN Security Council

The United Nations Security Council, in a 8-2 vote with five abstentions, rejected a resolution on Palestinian statehood which sets a deadline for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Palestinian territories by 2017, CNN reports. […]

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Lithuania would support UN Security Council mechanism on Gaza

Lithuania, which is working in the United Nations Security Council, would support the institution’s international mechanism on long-term ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday. […]


Opinion: Dread, confusion and loathing in Palestine

For a past week, to talk about the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian relations objectively became quite a self-indulging activity. The debate itself is toxic, since, according to the opposing camps, any affection to the Palestinian cause turns one into an anti-Semitic, terrorist-loving, revanchist bastard, whereas backing Israel means support to genocidal, child-killing, quasi-religious nationalist regime. […]

Foreign affairs

Foreign Ministry advises Lithuanians against traveling to Israel and Palestine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Lithuanian citizens who are now in Israel and Palestine to remain extremely vigilant and take all safety precautions due to the armed actions in the Gaza Strip. The ministry once again recommends to refrain from visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories. […]