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Baltic governments respond to growing Russian spy threat

The governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania face an increasingly large espionage threat from the Russian Federation. Naturally, this threat includes the introduction or recruitment of Russian agents to engage in classical espionage activities like ferreting out classified information from government sources. […]

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Lithuanian prosecutors want Russian spying suspect in prison for over 10 yrs

A Vilnius court has completed hearing the spying case of high-ranking Russian intelligence officer Nikolai Filipchenko whom prosecutors want found guilty and sent to prison for 10 years and six months. […]

At the presentation of the traditional report of national security threats

Lithuanian intelligence report in short – 6 key threats

Lithuania’s intelligence institutions on Monday published the traditional report of national security threats. BNS Lithuania presents the six key threats listed in the document: […]

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Sweden suspects Lithuanian citizen of spying

Sweden has detained a Lithuanian citizen on suspicions of spying, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday. […]