Lithuanian court finishes hearing appeals of convicted spies

The Lithuanian Court of Appeals on Friday finished hearing the appeals filed by former air force officer and a Russian citizen both convicted on spying charges. […]

New State Security Department building in Pilaitė, Vilnius

Lithuanian security advised suspending investment of 6 firms due to Russia links in 2016

Lithuania’s State Security Department last year recommended suspending investment of six companies in connection to economic and energy security due to their possible links with Russia. […]

A spy

Lithuania not getting answers from Russia on extradition of citizens in prison for spying

Lithuanian authorities have not yet received answers from the Russian Justice Ministry about the possibility for two Lithuanian citizens sentenced on spying charges to serve their sentences in their home country. […]

Romualdas Lipskis

Lithuanian man doesn’t contest 5-yr sentence for spying for Belarus

Romualdas Lipskis, a former employee of Lithuania’s state air traffic company Oro Navigacija (Air Navigation) sentenced to five years in prison for spying for Belarus, is not contesting his sentence. […]