Central/Eastern Europe

Entering the second year of the Russian invasion at the same crossroads

This is a story for an indefinite period, and its outcome is entirely uncertain. So the most important thing is not to overreact, Vytautas Bruveris writing on lrytas.lt news portal. This is how one can […]

The Hill of Crosses

Bruveris. The president’s weapon – the Catholic cross

The Constitution’s directives that there is no state religion in Lithuania and that no one can be privileged in the state for their religious beliefs have always been at risk. This risk has lately increased, […]

Dr. Gitanas Nausėda

The principles of Lithuanian politics: a new saviour isn’t necessarily new

Lithuania is certainly not among the main players in international politics, where everyone is primarily self-interested. Thus, the country has to be particularly active and wise, otherwise, we may be left standing around regretfully at […]

Ramūnas Karbauskis

New (old) ruling coalition: trade without rules in the political market

The parties that are forming a ruling coalition announced on June 20 they had concluded negotiations on supposedly the most important factors – programme points. That said, this conclusion is somewhat odd. That is because […]