Lockdown and Covid in action. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

The unrestrained pandemic is accompanied by politicians’ bickering and desire to come out on top

There’s probably nothing fundamental that can be done to magically halt Lithuania’s slide into black pandemic autumn and winter. The country will just have to survive and hope that some new, even more, the threatening […]

Gitanas Nausėda

The president’s honeymoon has ended

September 1 has arrived and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports’ negotiations with teachers’ unions have once more entered the heated phase Vytautas Bruveris wrote in lrytas.lt Already a few weeks ago, it turned […]

Viktoras Pranckietis

Bickering with one – join others

So, who the Seimas Speaker Viktoras Pranckietis representing while he is in the seat of the Seimas’ Chairperson, Vytautas Bruveris asks in lrytas.lt? Who he is, actually, representing politically, not in the formal sense of […]

Saulius Skvernelis, Ramūnas Karbauskis

Security institutions urged to react following LRT investigation, S. Skvernelis sees no issue

That the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union is backed by the shareholders of various companies is a circumvention of the law, which not only the Central Electoral Commission (VRK) should take interest in, but also security institutions, Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats Seimas group member Gintarė Skaistė told LRT Radio, lrt.lt writes. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis sees no issue: “We live in a country under the rule of law. None of the companies have been sentenced or have been compromised. The party itself will decide, what donations to accept or not accept, whether you want it or not.” […]

Saulius Skvernelis

What is S. Skvernelis seeking with his behaviour?

What do Saulius Skvernelis‘ unusual actions – reaction to teachers‘ strikes, dismissing ministers, talks about coups and contacting the special services regarding the Kremlin‘s hand among politicians – say about his goals? According to some experts, this is a well thought out strategy, however others see it as only failure to maintain calm, lrt.lt writes. […]